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 “ In a critical situation you will not rise to the level of your expectations, you will fall to the level of your preparation”


Private Military contractor

Training course for security personnel, people who want to work in high-risk areas.

  The course is focused on skillful and competent work with firearms, tactical team training for dynamic engagements, combat, introduction to work with vehicles, operation as part of a convoy, exercise of a firefight as part of a convoy, competent actions during the evacuation of VIP.

  The program is based on the international standard, improved by Magnus instructors in real events, and analysis of work in high-risk areas.

The principles and planning of security operations are exercised by way of simulation and drill of many scenarios using ample material resources.

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Private Military contractor

Course program

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis — introduction to PMC
  • Individual firearms training (pistol and carbine)
  • Protective formation — VIP + 4 «BOX»
  • Convoy — arrival / departure
  • PSD team elements — roles and responsibilities
  • Security in high-risk areas — SOP
  • Convoy and motorcade procedures
  • Team level firearms training (pistol and carbine)
  • Protective formation — VIP + 5 «DIAMOND»
  • Driving in a high-risk city — SWAT Tactics
  • Force on Force training using FX Simunition
  • Scenarios
  • Final exam — theory and practicals

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