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 “ In a critical situation you will not rise to the level of your expectations, you will fall to the level of your preparation”


Designated defence marksman

This course was design for security members who are working on Marksman positions. Among their main tasks are perimeter control, counter sniping work, cover CPT agents and other security units during VIP protection

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Course program

  • «Functions and tasks of Marksman as part of the CAT, sniper pair
  • Individual fire training. Ballistics, work with a ballistic calculator and another deviceMaking lateral corrections for the wind, shooting on the reticle
  • Shooting up to 300 meters
  • Shooting up to 600 meters
  • Shooting up to 800 meters
  • Shooting from different positions
  • Shooting from uncomfortable and unstable positions. Shooting under physical exertion
  • Shooting at an angle to the target
  • Occupation positions inside and on the roof of the building
  • Securing the Convoy Route
  • VIP security at the venue
  • Observation and collection of information
  • Identification of a potential adversary
  • Marksman’s work as part of a convoy
  • Occupation of an Instant position inside and near a car
  • Interaction and cover CAT and CPT
  • Shooting at suddenly appearing and moving targets
  • Shooting on lightly armored targets using armor-piercing ammunition

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