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 “ In a critical situation you will not rise to the level of your expectations, you will fall to the level of your preparation”


Special Weapon and tactic (SWAT)

  We would like to present to you the S.W.A.T. — Training Course. The program has been designed based on the analysis of counter-terrorism operations by special units in urban areas, at individual facilities, in separate buildings and indoors. The course program covers all aspects of assault and search operations, breaching doors of increased complexity, detaining suspects, hostage rescues in urban environment, inside buildings, as well as specifics of vehicle assaults.

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Special Weapon and Tactic

Course program

  • CQB
  • CQB with a shield
  • Firearms training (pistol)
  • Firearms training (carbine)
  • Car assault
  • Bus assaults
  • Mechanical breaching
  • Explosive breaching
  • Helicopter operations
  • Assault climbing in urban environment
  • Urban sniping
  • Flashlight trainin
  • TCCC

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