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 “ In a critical situation you will not rise to the level of your expectations, you will fall to the level of your preparation”


Military sniper

The Military Snipers Course covers a huge amount of information, including such aspects as camouflage, concealed movement on different types of terrain, the choice of position for observation and firing, covert stationing, observation and target detection based on low-observable features, without revealing oneself, range estimation, target firing at different distances, fire adjustment, shooting at an angle, firing from uncomfortable and unstable positions, firing under stress and pressure, working within a sniper pair.

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Military Sniper

Course program

  • ballistics
  • optical sight. Adjustments
  • zeroing in optical sights using a small number of rounds
  • firing up to 700 meters
  • firing from uncomfortable and unstable positions
  • shooting under stress.
  • individual camouflage
  • position camouflage
  • charting the position.Surveillance
  • considerations for choosing a fighting position in forest and open fields
  • considerations for choosing a fighting position in an urban environment
  • methods of covert movement to position in an urban environment, forest, open fields
  • counter sniping
  • rotation and support of a Marksman in fighting position
  • priority of threats
  • aspects of Marksman’s work in the dark environment

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