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 “ In a critical situation you will not rise to the level of your expectations, you will fall to the level of your preparation”


close quarter battle(CQB)

  The course is focused on developing techniques and methods for methodical assault through doors, windows and sequential clearing of spaces, on search techniques, neutralizing threats and securing the premises, handling of detainees.

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Close Quarter

Course program

  • Scanning sectors

  • Types of entrance

  • Window assault

  • Visually clearing the hallway

  • Visually clearing the room

  • Visually clearing from around the corner, from cover

  • Assaulting the room using different methods

  • Work with shield

  • Assault climbing in urban environment

  • Weapon handling

  • Firearms training

  • Group tactics – teams of two, three, four

  • Search and clear

  • Engagement

  • Searches

  • Flashlight training

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